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Cloud computing: A new era of IT opportunity and challenges

Na servru ZDNET opublikoval Dion Hinchcliffe pozoruhodný článek.
V úvodu článku se píše:
"It doesn’t take long to get a good feel for the potential of cloud computing and how it can offer ready access to entirely new business capabilities, less expensive IT resources, and unrivaled flexibility for businesses of every size. Since becoming a hot topic early last year as major vendors, including top firms such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, jumped on the bandwagon with a wide-range of offerings, cloud computing has consistently stayed on the industry’s radar. With leading companies still joining the movement — including IBM, HP, and Salesforce — cloud computing has moved from a cottage industry to one of the bigger growth areas in the computing business, just as the industry as a whole begins to take serious lumps from the recession."
- Enterprise cloud computing: Some assembly required
- Enterprise cloud computing competency areas
- Ability to standardize and compare economic models for IT/cloud services.
- Technical ability to adopt and execute with cloud computing services.
- Incorporation of cloud computing into strategic IT planning.
Cituci ze závěru:
"Already the cloud computing landscape is becoming fairly complex with the emergence of topics such as public vs. private clouds, hosting vs. platform-as-a-service, cloud interoperability, non-relational cloud databases, and cloud SOA. I’ll explore these subjects soon including a round-up of the latest enterprise cloud computing products and services in an upcoming post. For now, cloud computing is one of the few bright spots this year where IT departments can deliver valuable bottom-line results to the business with a fairly highly degree of confidence."
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