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Místo: Plzeň, Czechia

Internetový publicista provozující AKA-MONITOR ISSN 1804-042X,.


Grids and Clouds - Evolution or Revolution?

Na serveru byla opublikována zajímavá studie věnovaná cloud computingu.
V úvodu studie se praví:
"This report compares grid and cloud computing services, taking a practical look at concrete implementations of both. In this report, we go beyond the simplistic, and probably sterile, comparison of computing and storage costs from commercial cloud offerings versus a publicly funded einfrastructure such as EGEE. Whilst taking cost into consideration, throughout this comparison, we try to identify opportunities for the grid to adapt and take advantages of cloud, both from a resource provisioning and technological point-of-view. Finally, we propose convergence routes and opportunities for new investigation and development work to improve the e-Infrastructure European
and international researchers require to produce world-class science. In this report, we ask more questions than provide answers, as this is one of the goals of this study: to identify those aspects that need to be considered for grids from the latest development in clouds. In this study, we try to go beyond the cloud hype and compare cloud and grid for what we understand they are today. We briefly remind the reader what the objectives of grid and cloud are, using concrete implementations of both in order for this report to be practical as opposed to a theoretical dissertation."
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