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IBM Promotes Cloud in Universities

2. března 2009 byl publikován článek Sean Gallaghera na toto téma.
Cituji z úvodu:
"IBM is using its relationship with universities around the world to help create a new generation of software developers and engineers ready to take on the challenges of cloud computing, as well as solve some of the vexing problems facing adoption of cloud computing by the enterprise.
Through connections with over 200 schools worldwide, IBM is working to change computer science curriculum to offer skills in cloud computing. The courses are part of a larger academic initiative called Services Science Management and Engineering, said Lou Masi, director of global university programs at IBM"
Cituji ze závěru:
Cloud computing is something of a greenfield for IBM, which has limited software offerings in the cloud market. "They don't have that much available as a product right now," said Anne Thomas Manes, research director at Burton Group, "but they are planning on having images of their software that will run on Amazon's EC2, which will be available as Amazon based systems. The challenge with that is that Amazon is not yet delivering Enterprise strength service level agreements.”
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